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Lingerie & Sexy

"It's easier to forgive an ugly foot than an ugly stocking"

- Karl Kraus

We don't care about feet. Everyone has its own.
We care about stockings. We think of them, we study them, we design them, we produce them.
Sometime we even manage to sell them.

Since 1970, when our company was born, we have designed and produced an awful lot of them, of all kinds, patterns, colours: sheer, jacquard, openworked, printed, tights, leggings, sty ups, overknees, short as a sock, long as tights, from baby sizes to XXXL.

If as the main character of one of Francois Truffaut's movies says "women's legs are the compasses which measure the world" we have tried in all these years to give these compasses "balance and harmony"

Then, from the mid eighties, we have raised our eyes from the legs to other parts of the body.
Since then we have been producing Lingerie, Swimwear and seamless items.

The whole production process is based in Italy, actually 100% Made in Italy.

We work as private label suppliers for designers, large retailers, department stores, importers, to all of them we offer a complete research and development service by displaying our 40 year old archive or by helping them to develop their own ideas, from first sketch to the delivery of the packed item ready to sell.